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Carpet - warmth and comfort of your home

It's hard to imagine a house without carpets. Floor carpets are an integral part of the interior of every room. They are not only a bright decoration, but also make it warm and cozy. The first carpet was created in the 5th century BC, it had a rather primitive appearance, it was made only from natural materials. Today carpets are presented in a huge assortment. They are made from natural and synthetic materials, use different types of weaving. Therefore, you can buy carpets in Ukraine for every taste.

What materials are they made of?

Carpets are traditionally made from wool, silk - durable quality materials. The carpet is soft and very warm. Today these materials are expensive, and not everyone can afford to purchase such products. Natural materials also include:

  • cotton - suitable for people with allergies, softer than silk, easy to clean, but loses its shape and color over time;
  • animal skins - they look very impressive, especially in a hunting lodge or other wooden structure;
  • leather - usually some kind of composition is created from this material, for example, a braid, it looks very impressive, does not require almost any maintenance, is suitable for allergy sufferers, practically does not accumulate dust, but also does not warm so well;
  • bamboo - represents a certain structure that is hard to associate with a carpet, since the surface is hard, it will perfectly decorate a room decorated in an eco-style.

Each of natural fabrics has advantages and disadvantages, while their cost is several times higher than that of synthetic fabrics. If you are looking for a budget option, then you can buy inexpensive carpet from the following materials:

  • acrylic is a hypoallergenic material, soft and durable, a clear advantage is fire resistance, as well as the fact that it does not fade in the sun;
  • viscose (or "rayon") is a durable, durable fabric that is perfect for a living room where the whole family spends a lot of time, the only drawback is that it absorbs moisture;
  • polyamide - used to make carpets with bright colorful and unusual patterns, the material is durable, strong, but soft, among the shortcomings can be distinguished that it fade in the sun and is electrified;
  • polypropylene is the easiest fabric to care for, among the shortcomings is fragility.

Buying a carpet is not an easy task, but a good one seems impossible at all. Size, design, fabric and many other factors need to be considered.

Do not confuse carpet and carpet - an independent floor covering that is laid from wall to wall. Carpet, in turn, is an addition to parquet or linoleum, which should make the floor softer and warmer.

What are the sizes?

By size, products are divided into 3 categories:

  • small (up to 3 m2);
  • medium (3 - 6 m2);
  • large (over 6 m2).

The choice depends solely on your needs. Wall-to-wall rugs have long been out of fashion. Now it is customary to lay it so that it covers the surface under the upholstered furniture or under the dressing table. The size largely depends on the design of the room. You can always buy this type of product, it is offered in an assortment, differs in design, shape, material.

Often, small carpets are used for zoning a room, so it turns out to visually separate the office, for example, from the bedroom, to place color accents. Large carpets attract attention, so it is better to choose models of a calm monochromatic color, then it will not be the main attraction of the room. To buy carpets on the floor means to decorate a room, complement the overall interior, become its little highlight, and not the only decoration.

The advantages of our carpets

The Blest ™ Design Center offers a huge selection of carpets for every taste. The company is engaged in the development of new designs, as well as their implementation. It was created in 1999 and over the years of its work was able to develop a huge catalog, which included the most original and unusual solutions. Such a product is perfect for the design of any room, will become its decoration.

The company's employees are inspired by the usual everyday things, so there are no unnecessary details or patterns in the design of carpets. Everything here is as restrained as possible, but beautiful. As the classic said: "We love beauty that is in simplicity." Indeed, a few simple yet sophisticated accessories, such as a rug or a wall lamp, make a room cozy and spacious, warm and beautiful.

Despite the uniqueness of the design, the prices for the carpet are low in comparison with the market ones. The company does everything to make unusual solutions as accessible as possible to everyone. Another advantage of carpets is that they use a special Everclean seepage technology. Thanks to it, carpeting becomes even easier: the fabric practically does not absorb dirt and unpleasant odors, stain removal becomes easier, and the pile structure does not change. An innovative production technology is a real gift for any housewife.

Buy carpets in Ukraine

You can buy carpets in Kiev at the Blest ™ company. It offers a huge selection of products for every taste, as well as the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

The online carpet store operates around the clock, customers can make a purchase at any convenient time. Just place an order on the website and wait for a company employee to contact you to clarify the details.

Delivery will bring the goods on time. You don't have to spend a whole day waiting for a courier. The company values its own and clients' time, therefore it tries to make the service as fast and comfortable as possible. You can also pay for the order in a convenient way for you, it will not take much time, but you will be sure that it will be ready on time.

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