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The body of each person has its own characteristics. But it is no secret that for normal functioning at the end of the working day, he needs good rest. Sleep that helps to restore strength should be good and calm. If you cannot sleep for a long time, often get up at night, then your body will not normally rest. After a night like this, you will be tired and irritated. Good sleep requires quality orthopedic mattresses. How to choose a good product for an inexpensive way will be discussed further.

How to choose a mattress for a good sleep

Most models of orthopedic mattresses have a similar design. There may be slight differences in design. The main part of this product is the spring block. The number of springs in it can be different. They are the basis for the formation of the necessary hardness, density and softness that mattresses have. The choice of a product should be made based on the required parameters and required characteristics.

Choosing the right mattress model, you will get a full sleep, your body will be in the correct position during rest. This will help prevent curvature of the spine, in the morning you will feel light, without fatigue and body aches. The official website of the Blest TM company presents a large selection of this product. It is quite easy to buy an orthopedic mattress from us. For the convenience of the buyer, there is a catalog, thanks to which you can quickly find the desired product model.

In addition, mattresses have a healing effect. They have an anatomical "memory" that allows them to adapt to the curves of the human body. This minimizes the stress on the muscles and spine. You can choose the product for both a single and a double bed. Small sizes for children are available. With proper and careful care, mattresses can last a long time, are resistant to wiping, and are easy to maintain.

Buy a mattress at the Blest TM Design Center

You need to buy a good quality mattress in Ukraine, then welcome to our online store. As a manufacturer of these products, we offer a wide range of models with different characteristics. The low price of the product is possible due to the presence of our own production. It is very easy to choose a mattress with us; if necessary, experienced consultants will always come to the rescue.

Checkout is also fast. Delivery of products is carried out throughout Ukraine directly from our warehouse. You can choose mattresses for the bed in various options and price categories. Our online store has an accessible and informative menu that will facilitate the search for the required mattress model.

The products presented by us are of high quality, made of environmentally friendly materials. A wide range of products will allow you to choose a mattress with the necessary fittings and quality textiles. All models presented in the store are easy to maintain, which is an absolute advantage.

Types and models of mattresses

If the product is soft, it means that instead of a coconut plate, the manufacturer used a cactus one. You will not feel any difference immediately. It will appear during the operation of this product. This is an inexpensive substitute, widely used by many companies that produce this product.

It is profitable to buy a mattress in Kiev at the Design Center. You will not only get some of the lowest prices for this type of product, but also a large selection, a guarantee of product quality from the manufacturer. What types of mattresses can be found with us:

  1. Vacuum. Once released, it is rolled into a rigid roll, which allows it to be delivered to the customer in optimal condition.
  2. Springless. The production of this product involves the use of hypoallergenic materials, natural raw materials. It is safe, non-irritating and non-harmful.
  3. Standard mattresses with dependent springs. The products are time-tested and have an excellent orthopedic effect.
  4. New model with independent springs. They are not related to each other, so you get the maximum comfort from using it. The mattress will adapt to your figure during use.
  5. Products of small thickness (toppers). With their help, they usually improve the place to sleep.

The use of modern technologies in the production of mattresses allows you to ensure the most comfortable and deep sleep. Using this product, in the morning you will be alert and collected. Your body will regain its lost lightness.

Mattress hardness

It is necessary to choose such a product taking into account the rigidity. The thicker the mattress, the more firm it is. When producing these products, a base from 1.3 to 3 cm is used. With a low weight, you should take a mattress with low rigidity, respectively, a denser base if your weight is more than average. The store always has a variety of mattress options with varying degrees of hardness:

  • soft;
  • medium;
  • tough;
  • with increased rigidity.

Each customer chooses a mattress based on their own preferences, weight, requirements and other nuances. For our part, we can guarantee that each client will find in our store the required model with the required characteristics.

Quality products at an affordable cost

Prices for a mattress in the Design Center are quite acceptable for a family budget. You can choose products for different furniture. There is no doubt about the quality of goods - it is always at the highest level. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life with proper care, mattress operation, without loss of basic properties and characteristics.

The sellers working in the online store will advise, if necessary, which mattress is best to choose according to your wishes. All models available can be viewed in the catalog. Orders are processed as soon as possible. Delivery is carried out in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Affordable price and high quality of the goods sold are the main priorities in the work of our store.

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