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Photo №1 - Wall panel Wally Photo №2 - Wall panel Wally
Wall panel Wally

Стінові панелі

Photo №1 - Bed for animals Snoopy-2 Photo №2 - Bed for animals Snoopy-2 Photo №3 - Bed for animals Snoopy-2 Photo №4 - Bed for animals Snoopy-2
Bed for animals Snoopy-2

лежак для тварин ПЕТ 65

Photo №1 - Bed for animals Snoopy-1 Photo №2 - Bed for animals Snoopy-1 Photo №3 - Bed for animals Snoopy-1 Photo №4 - Bed for animals Snoopy-1
Bed for animals Snoopy-1

лежак для тварин ПЕТ 55

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Pillow-table Smiley

Подушка - столик

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We decorate the interior with Blest TM

Apartments, houses, offices and study rooms are a reflection of the taste and style of their owners. Of course, everyone dreams of living in a comfortable and cozy room. A well-chosen decor can make your house or apartment like that: a stylish mirror, an unusual clock, a crystal vase or an elegant candlestick. Home accessories from the Blest trademark are exactly those original gizmos that can turn even the most dull and dull room into a stylish and comfortable room where you want to come again and again. The variety of decor in our online store will impress even the most selective customer. Have fun choosing a decor and make your dreams come true.

The best options for beautiful interior accessories

Long gone are the days when home accessories were considered a sign of luxury and wealth. Stylish and beautiful home decoration is not a sign of material well-being or status. Its presence rather indicates that household members are well versed in modern interior design and prefer to live in a stylish and comfortable house, where all the details are harmoniously combined with each other. Agree that a sofa looks more spectacular and more pleasant to sit on if such details as bright, soft and comfortable designer pillows are placed there. BlestТМ offers the following decorative elements for your home:

  • multi-frames and frames for photos;
  • flower vases;
  • various jewelry storage boxes;
  • paintings;
  • table and wall clocks;
  • mirrors;
  • lamps and fixtures;
  • candlesticks, figurines and other products.

With accessories, the house will sparkle with different colors, fill with warmth, comfort and look stylish and original. You will quickly see that the right little things can work wonders in the interior. Decorate your apartment with style - choose beautiful accessories! Every shelf, every table requires decor items - so the room will never look empty and indistinct. In the online store BlestTM you can buy various interior items with delivery throughout Ukraine.

What to look for when choosing home decor

The most important thing in decorating any room is not to overdo it and not make it cumbersome. Start from the interior design: if it is made in a minimalist style, then wall or floor mirrors are ideal for it. You can complement the composition with an original clock by placing it on a shelf or hanging it on the wall. For a country-style room or loft, you can buy stylish containers or jewelry boxes, clocks and items with a wooden texture, drawings of plants and animals. And with a classic renovation, absolutely everything looks stylish. But there should be a limited amount of decorations so that your apartment does not resemble a museum.

The right decor for a room is two or three items in the same line of sight. For example, there might be a decorative flower vase or clock on the table. A small statuette looks quite harmonious with them, but they should be similar in style. If you have a lot of plants in your house, there may be more vases - they complement the concept of nature and look harmonious in any color. Original candlesticks made of high-quality porcelain, wood and ceramics can be used as decorative elements. If you have never dealt with the choice of decor accessories, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Shape and size. If these are, for example, caskets, then they should not clutter up the entire space on the surface of the shelf or chest of drawers. In shape, they should be in harmony with the main furniture. That is, if the objects in the room are rectangular, then the decor should be the same.
  2. Color. It is important here what you want to achieve with it - to play with contrasts (to make a bright spot on the wall with a painting) or to create the effect of pastel calm. If you find it difficult to make a choice, consult a designer.
  3. Material. Today in our catalog you can find various options: natural materials (wood, ceramics, glass, metal), synthetic (plastic, PVC, metal-plastic, knitwear, etc.).
  4. Style. There are also nuances here, because with the help of accessories you can both improve the overall ensemble of the interior, and completely ruin it. At the request of the client, our designers are ready to select items that will ideally fit into the style of the room.

It is also important to consider who lives in the house. If there are small children there, you should not buy expensive fragile things. People with conservative views are preferable to choose products made from natural materials in a classic style.

Home decor: a selection of modern pet accessories

Blest TM is a leader in the market of furniture products and home accessories. We focus on the tastes and preferences of the modern consumer, so the decor elements in our catalog are distinguished by original design solutions, quality and often practicality and functionality. The latter concerns such elements as, for example, all kinds of shelves, stylish boxes for storing small items, sun beds for animals. After all, our smaller brothers also need to have a personal space in the house, their own little "house". And it is desirable that it, in turn, organically fit into the overall style and interior. Our store has taken care of this, and is ready to offer its customers the following types of convenient "places" for pets:

  • special covers for use on upholstered furniture;
  • different types of bedding with stylish design;
  • heated and non-heated mattresses;
  • loungers with sides;
  • soft houses or imitated pieces of furniture.

In addition to beds in the catalog, you can find such necessary things for animals as a pillow table, a bowl for food, a rug, a carrying cage, etc. Our designers make sure that pets feel comfortable and safe in the house as well. The material of all products meets the norms and quality standards, therefore it does not cause irritation of mucous membranes and other undesirable manifestations in animals.

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