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About us

About us

Furniture Company Blest ™ was founded in 1999. From the beginning of our activity, the work of the whole team was based on fundamental inner values: achieving maximum quality in every detail, creating a unique design, manufacturability and high standards of social responsibility.

The production facilities of the Blest ™ are located in the cities of Cherkassy and Kiev, where products are manufactured for 5 lines of different price and client segments.

Praktica Sofa™ is a line of sofas and beds in the "middle" price segment. Practical, small-sized, functional, while at the same time stypsh and comfortable furniture. Praktica Sofa models are relevant for both minimapst-style and child friendly interiors. Thanks to various types of transformation mechanisms and dimensions, Praktica Sofa is suitable for both smart and larger-sized apartments.

Blest Home - a line of sofas, beds, armchairs and poufs in the price category "medium +". Following current design trends, long-term experience, use of modern technologies, careful selection of accessories, multiphase quapty management system —this gives us the opportunity to create furniture of Blest Home collection that is able to compete not only with leading Ukrainian, but also with foreign manufacturers.

Blest Smart is a line of compact and functional sofas and armchairs for smart apartments and rooms with pmited space in the "medium +" price category.

The company's products in the premium segment are represented by the Blest Individual line, in the production of which only the best components and materials are used, as well as Itapan sleeper functions and electric recpners. Each sofa is a story of its own, written by experienced professionals in the furniture market. Their main idea is to combine advanced furniture design ideas with traditional manual operation techniques. The product pne combines comfort, coziness and luxury.

At the common production site with Blest Individual in Kiev, a line of upholstered children's furniture Blest Kids is also produced, the collection of which includes sofas, beds, armchairs and poufs for children. The fundamental advantage of Blest kids models: safety, hypoallergenic materials, a wide choice of soft furnishings and of furniture aesthetics.

Today Blest™ is one of the largest manufacturers and one of the most popular brands of upholstered furniture in Ukraine. Customer loyalty and trust of partners helped us to create a developed trade network, represented by more than 70 branded departments of various formats in Ukraine. Also, Blest ™ products are exported to Italy, France, Denmark, Georgia, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Mongolia and Canada, where you can pick up and buy a sofa from a wide range of models.

Наша миссия
Blest™ design philosophy

The Blest ™ design philosophy is based on the belief that design is an essential attribute of quality, embodying a harmonious combination of form, functionality and reliability. Thanks to our desire to create popular, inspiring design solutions, we were able to establish cooperation with the authoritative professionals of the furniture industry - the Italian design studio "Lauriero Design" and created our own design bureau under the leadership of chief designer Domenico Larato. Over the years, the Blest ™ Company has created more than 300 unique models of upholstered furniture.

We pride ourselves on the ways we`ve developed our manufacturing processes to be clean and safe for our employees as well as for our environment.

Our commitment to quality empowers us to be transparent in every aspect. We want to make every detail of our furniture, down to the frame, available to our customers so they are 100% confident in what they are purchasing.

Our values
For us quality is not just about our raw materials but also the skilled craftsmen, manufacturing processes, support staff, design and comfort. Quality in our eyes is the full package and that is what we aim to deliver.
Environmentally friendly and safe
Our sustainable manufacturing processes are part of our heritage. When creating Blest ™ upholstered furniture, we use environmentally friendly technologies for the production, packaging and storage of upholstered furniture. Materials and components used in the production process pass all the necessary checks for environmental friendliness and safety for health.
Production Technologies
By building a high quality product we are able to consume less total resources, while keeping up with demands of life in your home. Every product is engineered with attention to detail, resulting in fewer claims. Requiring less resources needed for repairs, maintenance, service dispatches and replacements. Our furniture’s durability and length of life empowers us to reduce our overall impact on environment.
Customer focus
Our striving is not only to satisfy the needs of customers but also to exceed their expectations. We work for results and try to exceed the expectations of the most selective client. We believe every detail matters, which is why we invite our customers and partners to have an inside look at our production.
Our Team
On average our employees have worked with us over 10 years. A testament to the pride they take in their work and the level of professionalism and experience we are fortunate to have in our workforce. We pride ourselves on the ways we have developed our manufacturing processes to be clean and safe for our employees as well as for our environment.
Initiative and innovation
We put our teams to the ultimate test by focusing on design with function aiming to bring you the most exciting furniture available. With their experience and ingenuity they have designed the products that we are excited to present to you. We hope you will enjoy our furniture as much as we do.
Why choose us

20 years history
of flawless work


18 months


More than 150 brand stores
Ukraine and worldwide

—№1 Ukrainian furniture manufacturer with an Italian accent
How we make furniture

Idea from our chief designer Domenico Larato and drawing/layout drawing

Manufacturing process

Creation of models in our production in Cherkassy and Kiev

Distribution network

Trade network, which is represented by more than 70 branded departments of various formats in Ukraine, Italy, France, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, Mongolia, Canada


Enjoy the comfort and reliability of Blest ™ every day

History of the company
Date of foundation of BLEST

The history of the Blest ™ company begins in 1999, from a small workshop in Cherkassy. It produced several sets of upholstered furniture a day. At that moment the company was called "Soft Element". The founder of the production was Pavel Kovtun. The first set of upholstered furniture produced was a sofa and an armchair "Roma". All products were manufactured under the Soft Element trademark. In 2000, the number of the factory staff was already more than 20 people. The model range has increased, and most importantly, the first clients appeared who appreciated the high quality of upholstered furniture.

Opening of the first branded department

On April 1, 2003, the first company store was opened in Kiev. From that day on, the history of the development of the Kiev division and the management company began.

The constant search for new ideas in the field of design and improvement of the characteristics of product comfort led to the founding of the new brand Blest™.

Fame in the market of upholstered furniture in Ukraine

Blest ™ became known on the Ukrainian upholstered furniture market in 2005, having established itself as a manufacturer of reliable, comfortable and modern furniture for residential and public premises.

Reorganization and new standards

Since 2008, Blest ™ has been headed by Sergey Savchenko.

In order to increase brand awareness, and most importantly, to improve the quality of customer service, in 2009 the Blest ™ Company carried out an active policy of introducing Corporate Standards. The work was carried out in two directions: the visual design of the corporate departments in accordance with the Corporate Standards and the implementation of the Customer Service Standards. Branded departments, fully complying with the Standards developed by the company, were certified in the sales area, where the Buyer could see the sign: "Certified Branded Department".

Engaging Italian partners in furniture design

Since July 2010, all new models of the Blest ™ Company have been developed together with the Italian designer Concetta Lauriero, head of the LAURIERO DESIGN design studio in Milan.

In 2010, our Company hired Domenico Larato, a technology and design consultant for cooperation. He has over 35 years of experience in upholstered furniture production and knowledge of the international furniture market. Currently, Domenico Larato is the chief designer of Blest ™.

Launch of the new Unison collection

In 2014, Blest launched a new Unison product line. This is the Blest ™ collection of soft interior beds. An interior bed is a great way to make your bedroom beautiful and cozy; it is the choice of true connoisseurs of comfort and warmth.

Launch of the new collection Tradition

In the fall of 2015, Blest launched a new Tradition product line. The Tradition collection embodies exceptionally high quality standards, thoughtfulness of every element, love for comfort - everything that is necessary to create family comfort for years to come. The design of the models is a modern interpretation of the classic style, which will always be in harmony with various interior solutions.

Launch of the new collection Praktica Sofa

In 2016, the Blest company launched a new line of upholstered furniture called Praktica SofaTM. The Praktica SofaTM lineup includes high quality sofas and ottomans for relaxation and sleep. Beds for daily sleep, in a modern and classic style at the lowest possible price. The design is up-to-date, pragmatic and rational. Pleasant, modern upholstered furniture, captivating with affordable cost and high practicality.

Launch of manufactory production and a new collection of Individual furniture

Since 2017, Blest has expanded its assortment and brought to the market a unique line of sofas that are created to change the understanding of traditional relaxation and comfort.

Manufacturing (handcraft) production, attention to detail, experience of the best specialists in the furniture market and, most importantly, the desire to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer - all this is about the Individual by Blest furniture line.

Individual by Blest is furniture in the style of "Smart Luxury". It is difficult to disagree with this, because each model is thought out to the smallest detail: from appearance to achieving maximum comfort and high quality.

Launch of a new collection of upholstered furniture for children Blest Kids

Since 2018, Blest has launched a new collection for the smallest clients - Blest Kids. A children's room for a child is his magic world, where he plays, dreams, develops, receives guests ... And it is very important that this “magic world” is bright, colorful, comfortable and safe.

That is why, when creating upholstered furniture for children, the specialists of the Blest company took into account all the necessary points so that the products bring exceptional pleasure to little owners. Features of the child's body, anatomical shape of individual elements, softness and safety of products, incredibly beautiful design ... All this is about Blest kids™.

Participation in the international furniture exhibition KIFF 2020 and global rebranding

In 2020, the Company took part in KIFF / KIFF - Kiev International Furniture Forum. And it was from this exhibition that a new era in design and functionality started on the Ukrainian furniture market.

In 2020, the global process of rebranding of the company and restyling of the model range began. New models of upholstered furniture in 2020 stand out for the use of new transformation mechanisms, modern design solutions, even greater softness and comfort. The DNA of the Blest brand remains unchanged - high Ukrainian quality and unsurpassed Italian design.

Not only the range of upholstered furniture has changed, but also the logo and interior design style of the corporate departments.

Blest is very proud of the results. The public liked our new products. We promised the beginning of a new era on the Ukrainian market - we kept our word. The main award of the BEST MEBEL UA competition has become a confirmation of the correctness of our path. We are proud of our Chief Designer Domenico Larato, who received the award from the jury for the ultimate furniture design.

And the most valuable awards for us were 2 diplomas for product quality. This recognition is the road that runs through the more than 20-year history of Blest.

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Proven quality

Relying on many years of experience, a team of professionals and creative designers, on a commitment to those who chose our upholstered furniture, we do not stop there and embody the world's leading production technologies into high-quality and stylish products.

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