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Sofa BL 003 straight sofa

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Not a single historical era, with the exception of the cave age, could do without such a vital element as furniture. Centuries passed, tastes and trends changed, but the need for a comfortable existence for oneself always pushed a person to search for the best solution to this problem.

Modern life with its bustle, problems, constant rush makes people appreciate the comfort of home, which is created with the help of beautiful furniture for the living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen or hallway. A pleasant-looking environment improves mood, calms the nervous system after a busy day at work.

The main element of furniture in any living room was and remains "his majesty" sofa, presented on the market for goods in different shapes and sizes, depending on the size of the room. But the most popular among consumers are straight sofas, which are considered furniture classics.

Features of straight sofas

This type of upholstered furniture attracts with its practicality and versatility. A soft, stylish sofa in the shape of a rectangle is organically placed in any room and goes well with other interior elements. It can be used only for seating two or more people, or it can be turned into a full-fledged sleeping place, replacing an ordinary bed.

Depending on its function, the room is divided into several types:

  • folding;
  • non-folding;
  • sofa bed;
  • transformer.

If the sofa is intended only for sitting, then it is better to choose the non-folding option. It is more durable as it has no moving joints. The folding model is suitable as a bed for a family, additional space for a guest, if the priority is to use the space of a hall or bedroom.

The versatility of straight sofas lies in the fact that they can fit well both in a small apartment and in a large spacious room. The size of the product depends on the wishes and capabilities of the buyer. A stylish sofa for two will create a cozy atmosphere in a small living room. A chic large sofa can divide the space into several functional zones or add an element of aristocracy to the overall interior of the room.


A good sofa has a solid construction. With daily use, the frame of the product is exposed to great stress, so it must be strong and of high quality. The main materials for making the frame are:

  • metal;
  • tree;
  • plywood;
  • Particleboard;
  • MDF.

Furniture manufacturers can also use combinations of these materials. The frame will serve for a long time if it is made with high quality and carefully used.


Sleeping comfort is an important prerequisite for a good sleep. The content of the sofa determines the degree of firmness. For the manufacture of the base, such systems are used as:

  • spring blocks or snakes;
  • lamellae;
  • polyurethane foam.

The base, in combination with additional materials, determines the hardness of the final product. As additional materials are:

  • synthetic winterizer and synthetic winterizer;
  • holofiber;
  • durafil;
  • spunbond and felt.

The combination of spring blocks with additional materials will always make the sofa softer

Straight sofas to order

Buying a straight sofa is not a problem today. Furniture salons offer a wide range of goods, so the choice remains only with the buyer. But it is not always possible to find something that exactly suits your requirements. In this case, making your own version of furniture to order will help. This can be done from any city in the country through the online store.

Straight sofas in Kiev can be ordered using the product catalog displayed on the seller's page. If the manufacturer is the seller himself, then the prices for straight sofas will always be lower than in any online store. There is one more important advantage of such cooperation: qualified specialist consultation when placing an order.

A competent specialist will advise which mechanism and sofa filling is better to use. Which model and upholstery is more suitable for the overall interior. He will tell you about additional accessories that can be built into a particular design. In addition, the manufacturer usually has its own transport, so delivery is carried out on time and is inexpensive for the customer of the sofa.

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