About the All4Ukraine fund

Dear citizens! The BLEST company, realizing its social mission, conducts a Campaign in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allocating 5% of sales to the needs of the military.
The owner of the company, Serhii Savchenko, organized the charity volunteer fund All4Ukraine. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the foundation has already transferred more than 40 vehicles for the needs of the army: pickup trucks, jeeps and ambulances; dozens of thermal imagers, means of communication, optical devices, drones and other equipment.
"From the 14th to the 16th year, I was actively engaged in volunteering at the charity fund "Return Alive". Vitaly Deinega and I have come a certain way, we have been to the ATO probably 15 times, providing volunteer assistance. Since then, I have had many military friends and a lot of experience, what, how and where to buy, and how to deliver it to the front.
At the beginning of the full-scale war, I took my family to Slovakia, and here my godfather called me, he became a combatant in one of the newly created battalions, and he says: "I have an order to create a new battalion, there are 400 mobilized and nothing else. In general!" And asked for help.
After this call, I had to remember my skills very quickly. When a large number of people need everything at once, then you just start buying up everything you can get your hands on and what you might need. The first thing is that I bought two pickup trucks. In the hardware store, we completely stocked them with everything that might be needed for setting up positions: shovels, axes, generators... Then we went to a military store and bought ammunition, sights, thermal imagers... everything that was available.
Eventually, I realized that I alone was not enough. I found conscious patriots here in Bratislava, in Poland, in Uzhgorod, and in Kyiv. This is how a group of people was formed, an association that we later named All4Ukraine," says Serhiy Savchenko, owner of the BLEST company.
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