BLEST company is 23 years old!

On April 1, the Ukrainian furniture company BLEST celebrates its 23rd anniversary. Every year, the first day of April for us was a holiday full of pride for the achieved results - we grew from a small enterprise to a powerful furniture production with a wide network of branded stores throughout Ukraine, became a company that exports Ukrainian upholstered furniture to the countries of the European Union, the Nordic America and Central Asia. We achieved recognition, becoming one of the 25 main brands of Ukraine, and received a large number of different awards.

Today, the employees of the BLEST company, not giving up, forgetting about sleep, take part in numerous volunteer movements, with weapons in their hands they beat the enemy on the Ukrainian fronts and also work for the needs of our people and the army, making both upholstered furniture and various unloading, sleeping bags, etc. We know that every person from our team will find a moment today to feel the warmth of our corporate holiday!

We thank all people from the BLEST family - our employees and our partners, for many years of successful cooperation, for our joint achievements, for hundreds of thousands of families for whom we have created coziness and comfort in their homes! We thank our customers for choosing BLEST upholstered furniture and hope you will never be disappointed!

Currently, we feel pain and regret because of the insidious war unleashed by the crazy Russian dictator against our native Ukraine. This is a war against every free Ukrainian.

But we know and believe that Victory will be ours, the indomitable people of Independent Ukraine!

We are sure that after the Victory, new opportunities await us all. We believe that this will be a new round of development for the BLEST company and we will use this time and opportunities for further powerful growth!

Happy Birthday, BLEST! Happy Birthday, everyone involved!

Glory to Ukraine!

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