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Coffee tables - a functional piece of furniture

Beautiful and practical furniture has always been a decoration of any interior. Well-made wardrobes, tables, beds do not just fill the space of our homes, they create coziness there, bring a sense of calm and tranquility. There are many types of furniture, and each person has their own favorite. We buy some interior elements not because of their practical qualities, but for beauty and additional convenience. Coffee tables are those furniture, thanks to which the room becomes not just a place of residence, but a home. Big and small, round and square, wooden or plastic - they will always gladly serve their owners.

Types of coffee tables

Today the furniture industry produces a large number of models of this piece of furniture. There is no single classification of these tables, but you can define them according to the following criteria:

  • by shape: round, rectangular, oval, triangular, polygonal, irregular;
  • by height: high, medium, low;
  • by the number of countertops: single-tier, two-tier, multi-tier;
  • by material of manufacture: wooden, plastic, metal, stone, plastic, glass, combined;
  • by degree of mobility: stationary, on wheels;
  • by production series: full-series, limited edition, author's;
  • according to the degree of freedom of tabletops: swivel, folding, unitary.

The modern assortment of coffee tables is more than wide. If you analyze all the proposals that are posted on the Internet, you can find them for every budget and taste. The price of a table can be in a wide range. The simplest models can be bought inexpensively. Exclusive tables, which are made in a single copy, are whole works of art. The imagination of the authors combined with the use of modern materials is impressive. The countertops are made of epoxy resin, contain fancy inserts, and natural stone, metal casting or original wooden structures can be used as a base.

Prices for exclusive hand-made models made of stone, precious wood species, with multi-stage execution and unique design can reach the price of a car. Much of the cost depends on the manufacturer.

Coffee tables - BlestTM designer furniture

BlestTM Design Center offers customers an assortment of coffee tables. Each model presented in the catalog is a small work of art, into which the talented designers of the studio breathed fresh ideas and their own fantasies. As a result, each table is not just beautiful - it is non-standard, original, comfortable and practical. This enables customers to choose a product that suits their tastes. One of them acts as a decor, the other is a functional piece of furniture that will take its rightful place in the living room, study and even bedroom. It all depends on the owners' own preferences and the area of ​​the room in which it is planned to be installed.

Application of coffee tables

All furniture factories have their own line of furniture for residential and office premises. As a rule, coffee tables are included in each line or series of furniture, however, they can be made individually without reference to other furniture elements.

A coffee table will be a good addition to any spacious room in a house or apartment. Living room, dining room, bedroom without a small table looks uncomfortable. It is very versatile, its purchase is a profitable option for investing money. While the main function of the coffee table is to store books and magazines, it does a great job with other functions as well. You can sit behind it and have a cup of aromatic coffee in a pleasant company or with family members. It can store small things that should always be at hand. Watches, keys, mobile phones and stationery can all easily fit on the coffee table.

The main purpose of the coffee table is to store glossy literature for unobtrusive reading. For this purpose, it is installed in living rooms and reception areas. No hall in a large establishment is complete without this small but useful piece of furniture.

In addition, coffee tables are often a must-have reception desk in any office. It is always convenient to wait for the reception time behind him. They place printed materials with information about the company, advertising brochures or leaflets. Some people prefer to buy a table with an extraordinary shape and use it as a decoration or as a base for placing flower pots. Such an element of decor may well take on an accent.

Where to buy a coffee table

A wide range of products is presented in the catalog of the BlestTM Design Center. To choose and buy a coffee table, be sure to browse the entire range. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers in Ukraine. Its products are recognizable, they are in demand among consumers, as they are distinguished by stylish and sophisticated design.

The store has a wide collection of tables made of glass and metal, wood materials. They are stylish and elegant, perfect for almost any interior. They look very unusual and immediately catch the eye when entering the room. It is equally convenient to put a cup of coffee, an ashtray or a notebook on them. Some models are unlike anything, which gives the impression that they are weightless and exist outside the rules of gravity.

The new model of coffee tables is ottoman tables. Their design is very original - a soft base-tabletop looks unusual on an openwork metal frame. Velvet, natural or eco-leather is used as a decorating material. The metal base, despite its apparent simplicity, is very reliable. It is made of high-quality chrome-plated steel, which has a mirror surface.

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