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Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML

Photo - Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML
2-3 seaters sofas 1 Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML - buy in Blest 2-3 seaters sofas 1 Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML - folding 2-3 seaters sofas 1 Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML - with sleeper 2-3 seaters sofas 1 Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML - to the living room 2-3 seaters sofas 1 Naron recliner BMR-1R-2T-BML - buy in Kyiv
Bagama (1 Cat.)
Piano (4 Cat.) +₴7,544
Milton new (7 Cat.) +₴15,092
Spenser (9 Cat.) +₴22,648
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2-3 seaters sofa Naron

The Naron sofa is very beautiful on the outside and functional on the inside. Will not leave indifferent the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty and comfort. The model is decorated with edging on the seat, back and sides. This adds sophistication to the design and attractiveness.

 This model is equipped with the "Recliner" mechanism - a mechanism that allows you to relax and unwind, keeping your head, torso and legs in a comfortable position ("relax"). This mechanism allows the sofa section to change the angle at your own discretion. This will make you feel most comfortable on the couch. Also in this way it is very convenient:

  • work with a laptop;
  • watch TV;
  • call relatives;
  • just close your eyes, dream, relax and take a nap
The recliner is operated by means of a touch button located on the side of section 1R, which is powered from the mains. Believe me, this thing will not leave anyone indifferent.
 The sofa is equipped with high legs. They add lightness, elegance, attractive appearance to the sofa. Also, you can easily do wet cleaning under the sofa or "use an assistant" - a robot vacuum cleaner. The legs are made of natural hardwood.

 The model is equipped with section 2T, which uses a new transformation mechanism of the Italian manufacturer "ComodoItalia". It turns the sofa into a wonderful double bed. This is an ideal guest option, in case friends or relatives stay overnight.

The Naron model will become a favorite in your home.

Depth of sofa (cm):
Sofa width (cm):
Sofa height with backrest (cm):
Sleeper length (cm):
Sleeper width (cm):
Number of berths:
Bed type:
guest option
Transformation mechanism:
The presence of a niche for linen:
Seat composition:
PPU, fibertech
Number of seats:
Seat height (cm):
Product supports:
Upholstery options:
Genuine leather, Leather substitute, Textile
Include modules:
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Each finished product is accompanied by a product passport.

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  • 12 months for upholstered furniture used in public premises.

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  2. The packaging of the goods and all of its equipment are not damaged.
  3. Not damaged labels, instructions and production markings.

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