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Diletta L12+8M (20)L

L12+8M (20)L
Photo - Diletta L12+8M (20)L
Beds Diletta L12+8M (20)L - buy in Blest Beds Diletta L12+8M (20)L - buy a mattress Beds Diletta L12+8M (20)L - buy in Kharkov
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The Diletta model is a two-story crib. The upper and lower berths are equally comfortable and safe, thanks to their strong base.

The top and bottom of the Diletta cot are completely surrounded by safety boards that smoothly descend to the stairs. This provides access to the sleeping area and prevents falling out of bed while sleeping.

The main feature of the Diletta model is the different width of the bed.

On the first floor, the width of the bed is wider (1200 mm), on the second it is narrower (800 mm). This gives the bed an original and interesting appearance. It also provides comfortable sleep for children of different ages and builds.

The back part of the bed (slats, back of the bed) will protect the walls of the children's room from rubbing, and the child from the cold wall during sleep.

The design of the bed is immediately developed in a combination of two fabrics. Thanks to the combination of two colors, the bed looks less massive. This makes it more harmonious in the interior.

The new "ceiling" technology for bunk beds is used for the first time in the Diletta model. The lower part of the second floor is "covered" with fibertek, which is attached to the ceiling with contact tape. Fibertek "hides" all fasteners and lamella mesh. This ceiling manufacturing technology gives the bed a more aesthetic look and reduces possible household injuries when small fingers are pushed to the fastening elements of the model.

 The Diletta crib has two spacious drawers for laundry or toys. The boxes are rolled out on wheels from under the bed to the front of the room. The boxes are made of plywood and fiberboard. They are lined with fibertek, which allows you to exclude possible everyday injuries of your baby.

Cot "Diletta" sweet and healthy sleep for two!

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Bed height with headboard (cm):
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L12+8M (20)L
Payment and delivery

Warranty and replacement

The quality, completeness of the goods must correspond to the samples presented in the showroom or catalogs, according to which the order is made, and the norms of the current legislation.

Each finished product is accompanied by a product passport.

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  3. Not damaged labels, instructions and production markings.

Replacement and return of goods to / from production is carried out by the Dealer / Buyer. 

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