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Be Twice! L 7М (16)

L 7М (16)
Photo - Be Twice! L 7М (16)
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"Be Twice" is a bunk bed model that is ideal if you have more than one child. The crib is made in an eclectic style. Eclecticism in the Be Twice bed is manifested in a combination of two styles - classic (capitone technique) and minimalism (smooth, “calm” lines). Also, the rounded side walls, which resemble scrolls / treble clef / seashell / aquamarine shape, create a unique look and add zest to the interior.

 The model of this bed is double-sided. This option allows you to choose where exactly the side with the "capitone" technique will be located. Accordingly, this bed can be installed in any part of the child's room.
Safety is paramount when it comes to children's furniture. In the Be Twice model, the upper and lower berths are equally comfortable and safe thanks to their sturdy base. It consists of pine beams and plywood reinforced with metal corners.

The upper part is completely surrounded by edges, except for a small opening above the stairs that allows access to the sleeping area. This guarantees the safety of your little one while sleeping.

Many factors affect the comfort of a bunk bed. For example, the distance between the top and bottom tier of the be Twice model is 100 cm. With this distance, the child or parent sitting below will feel comfortable (no need to bend over). Also, this distance excludes household injuries.

The Be Twice model is equipped with a linen niche consisting of two drawers. The niche is made of plywood and fiberboard. It is lined with a Fibertech to exclude possible domestic injuries for your baby. Thanks to this niche, you have additional storage space for bedding or toys.
The Be Twice model is environmentally friendly materials, soft areas near the head and legs, protection from a cold wall - everything is thought out to the smallest detail!

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Be Twice!
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L 7М (16)
Payment and delivery

Warranty and replacement

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Each finished product is accompanied by a product passport.

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  3. Not damaged labels, instructions and production markings.

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