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Siena К1

Photo - Siena К1
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Bagama (1 Cat.)
Piano (4 Cat.) +₴1,603
Milton new (7 Cat.) +₴2,903
Spenser (9 Cat.) +₴4,313
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The Siena model is positioned as an armchair for fresh air. No matter what anyone says, the Siena model is easiest to imagine on the terrace or outdoor balcony. It is so simple that it seems that in general the mansion should stand in the lineup. This is something not about home, but about garden furniture. Such armchairs are requested to a tent or in an arbor.

But not everything is so simple. Siena will be completely harmonious, for example in the kitchen or even in the hallway, to be the first to meet the owner after a hard day's work. Invite to sit down to take off your shoes. For all its outward simplicity, Siena hides incredible comfort.

The chair is very well suited to the anatomical needs of the vast majority of people. It is comfortable to sit in almost any position. Its crescent-shaped sides, which has become a well-recognized feature of some BLEST novelties, allow you to comfortably sit on your arm or lean on it when getting up from the couch. High metal legs are attached to the sides, which adds to the design of rapidity and modernity.

Depth (cm):
Width (sm):
Height (cm):
Seat composition:
spring "snake", PPU
Seat height (cm):
Product supports:
Upholstery options:
Leather substitute, Textile
Include modules:
Payment and delivery

Warranty and replacement

The quality, completeness of the goods must correspond to the samples presented in the showroom or catalogs, according to which the order is made, and the norms of the current legislation.

Each finished product is accompanied by a product passport.

The manufacturer has determined the following warranty periods for upholstered furniture:

  • 24 months for upholstered furniture used in residential premises;
  • 12 months for upholstered furniture used in public premises.

The manufacturer guarantees the operation of its products during the entire warranty period. The terms of warranty service are detailed in the Product Passport that comes with the purchased product.

  1. Only a new product that has not been used and has no traces of use is subject to replacement or return: scratches, chips, scuffs and other damage. The product has not been assembled.
  2. The packaging of the goods and all of its equipment are not damaged.
  3. Not damaged labels, instructions and production markings.

Replacement and return of goods to / from production is carried out by the Dealer / Buyer. 

Siena in the interior
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