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Saragosa D2N

Photo - Saragosa D2N
Discount items have a limited selection of fabrics and colors.
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The Saragoza sofa not only looks great in the room, but also has practical value. It is great for those with spinal problems as its back is in the correct anatomical position. In addition, if a greater seating depth is required, the backrest can be raised upwards. In this case, the comfort will be even more noticeable. The product is made of high-quality and hypoallergenic materials - pine timber, plywood, padding polyester. All these materials are characterized by a high degree of strength and wear resistance. 

It should be noted that the product does not have a mechanism that allows it to be transformed, but this only means that the sofa will always retain its ideal appearance. You don't have to rearrange pillows and fold it out every time to turn it into a bed. You can always buy a comfortable bed for the bedroom, but it is better to leave the Zaragoza sofa in the living room, where it will look stylish and modern together with a pair of elegant armchairs in the same style.

Depth of sofa (cm):
Sofa width (cm):
Sofa height with backrest (cm):
The presence of a niche for linen:
Seat composition:
furniture pass, PPU
Number of seats:
Seat height (cm):
Product supports:
Upholstery options:
Genuine leather, Leather substitute, Textile
Include modules:
Payment and delivery

Warranty and replacement

The quality, completeness of the goods must correspond to the samples presented in the showroom or catalogs, according to which the order is made, and the norms of the current legislation.

Each finished product is accompanied by a product passport.

The manufacturer has determined the following warranty periods for upholstered furniture:

  • 24 months for upholstered furniture used in residential premises;
  • 12 months for upholstered furniture used in public premises.

The manufacturer guarantees the operation of its products during the entire warranty period. The terms of warranty service are detailed in the Product Passport that comes with the purchased product.

  1. Only a new product that has not been used and has no traces of use is subject to replacement or return: scratches, chips, scuffs and other damage. The product has not been assembled.
  2. The packaging of the goods and all of its equipment are not damaged.
  3. Not damaged labels, instructions and production markings.

Replacement and return of goods to / from production is carried out by the Dealer / Buyer. 

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